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Red dream
Dance performance Red Dream was a my graduate project in co-operation with students from HAMU – Music and Dance Faculty. Red Dream connect three diferent stories: Red Shoes (H.C.Andersen), japenese legend (Oshichi) and Lady Macbeth (W.Shakespear). Uniting element is women´s desire.

Prologue represent everything:
The women is a like nigthmare, which fly on her light, where the live finish. Maybe she knows it, but the desire to be in the light is more stronger. What connect young women wishing be pretty, Yaoya Oshichi wishing be loved by men and Lady Macbeth wishing be powerfull? Dangerous emotion in a Red Dream!

Actors and Dancers:
Tereza Indráková - Caren
Anna Jirmannová – young girl
Alžběta Krejčiříková - Lady Macbeth
Jitka Veselá - Oshichi
Gilberto Conti Padao - Vendor

Premiere was at 22. may 2010 in Theater Na zábradlí, Prague 1


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