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The street performance - unusual, visual, acrobatic and musical, played on the alegorical construction. The performance is freely inspired by a japanese "Obasute" legend existing also in literary form, which became a base to two movies "The ballad of Narajama" (one in 1958, the second in 1983). The story tells about an old woman, who is abandoned in mountains, because she is no longer beneficial for her community. The most important subjects for creating the inscenation was the topics of the old age and death, inutility of old people and how the western society regards with those phenomenon compared with reception of the same problems in other traditions and cultures.

Subject matter and scenario – Seiline Vallée
Actors – Perla Kotmelová, Seiline Vallée a Salvi Salvatore
Directors and dramaturgical cooperation – Zoja Mikotová

The performance was honoured with The Best Performance´s Award in frame of the Inspiration festival 2008 - Ruiny Teatru Mijestskiego, in Gliwice, Poland and with The special award for extraordinary poetic in the festival 2010 Teatrów Europy Środkowej „Sąsiedzi” in Lublin, Poland .

Premiere was at 5. July 2008 in Theater Ruiny Teatru Mijestskiego, Gliwice, Poland

The performace was played for example on the Theter boat Mystery of Brothers Forman, at theater festival in Avignon, France or in theater Alfréd ve dvoře in Prague.


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