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yumi_hayashi Yumi Mraz Hayashi
1979 Yokohama, Japan

2002 Graduated from Tokyo Zokei University, Graphic Design,
    Bachelor Course
2004 Graduated from Tokyo National University of Fine Art & Music,
    Department of Design, Master Course
2007 Entered DAMU, Academy of Perfoming Arts in Prague Department
    of Alternative and puppets theatre, Stage design, Master Course
2008 - 2009 Fellowship by japanese POLA Art Foundation
2010 Graduated from DAMU with special prise from university president
    for „Unique approach in a creation of puppets and connecting of
    influence from japanese and central european culture“
2011 Fellowship by japanese Ministry of Culture, work experience at the
DRAK Theatre in Hradec Králové

Photo by Yoshimi Yokoyama
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Main exhibitions and stage designs

2001 first Group-Exhibiton, gallery Kalokalohouse, Harajiku, Tokyo
2002 first Private-Exhibiton „Discipline“, Libest gallery, Kichijouji,Tokyo
2003 Private-Exhibiton„Tears in a Cozy room“, Ginza forest gallery, Ginza,Tokyo
2004 Private-Exhibiton„Cosmos in the Womb“, gallery Sugigoya, Izu, Shizuoka
2004 Private-Exhibiton „Sppining“, gallery Kalokalohouse, Cigasaki, Kanagawa
2005 Private-Exhibiton „Link“, gallery Motomachi, Yokohama, Kanagawa
2006 Private-Exhibiton „The Shambles“, gallery Kalokalohouse, Cigasaki, Kanagawa
2007 Private-Exhibiton „Road“, gallery Mizuhobank, Ginza, Tokyo
2011 International-Exhibiton „Story of puppet“,
    gallery GAMU, Prague; gallery Puppethouse, Tokyo; gallery BIIM, Soul, Korea
2011 Exhibiton„Japonští výtvarníci žijící v Praze“, gallery Lazarská, Prague
2014 International-Exhibiton „Story of puppetⅡ“, gallery Puppethouse, Tokyo
2014 Private-Exhibiton, gallery Kompis, Tokyo
2015 Exhibiton„ Setkání pod mostem“, Marionety Truhlář, Prague
2016 Exhibiton„Nohagi Naka×Yumi Hayashi- Noto×Czech×Life of theatre ”, Shiinoki Cultural Complex, Kanazawa(Japan)

Performances and Stage designs:
2008 Stage design and costume design in co-work with M. Stránská „Very social Dancing“, director Jiří Havelka,
    Theatre DISK and Theatre PONEC
2008 Stage setting realization „TaBALADA“, director Zoja Mikotová, France-Czech performances group
    Decalages, Premiere in Gliwice, Poland, festivals in Europe
2009 Stage setting realization and Costumes design „Urašima a mořská princezna“, director Zoja Mikotová,
    Theatre Polárka, Brno
2010 Stage design „Zastánce spravedlnosti“, director Naoko Aoki, Studio Řetízek, DAMU, Prague
2010 Subject matter and Scenario, Stage setting realization and Costumes design „Red Dream“, Eliadova knihovna,
    Theatre Na zábradlí, Prague
2010 Stage setting realization „Yodaka“, performer Naoko Taniguchi, director Zoja Mikotová, Premiere in Theatre
    loutek Ostrava, festivals in Prague, Bratislava and in Brno
2011 Masks for performance Monika Rebcová Dance, Theatre PONEC, Prague
2012 Masks for ballet „Čertovské pohádky“, Czech National Theatre, Brno
2012 Subject matter and Scenario, Stage setting realization „Zlatá rybka“, performer Naoko Taniguchi
    director Zoja Mikotová, Premiere Divadlo loutek Ostrava
2012 Stage design of contemporary circus „Dynamo“, director Ilona Jantti, cirkus Mlejn Praha
2012 Stage design of Performance „PÍSNĚ, BÁSNĚ, BALADY“, director Zoja Mikotová, Premiere Studio Marta Brno
2013 Stage design of Performance „O Malence“, director Zoja Mikotová, Premiere Divadlo Radost Brno
2013 「Tristan,Izolda,...」realization puppets, Teatru w Kłodzku(Poland)
2014 「Zlatovláska」Stage design, costumes design and puppets(Inspiration・Jaroslav Milfajt) Divadlo Lampion
2015 「Deník Anne Frankové」realization puppets, Slovacke Divadlo (Czech Republic)
2015 「Mysterious Lake」realization puppets, Stony Brook (U.S.A.)
2016 「GOLEM」realization puppets, KAAT- Kanagawa Art Theatre (Japan)
2016 「Mysterious Lake」realization puppets, Long island Children's museum (U.S.A.)
2016 Stage setting realization „Little Red Riding Hood“, performer Naoko Taniguchi and Yumi Hayashi, Kyoto (Japan)
2017 「Od maličkých k velikým」Stage setting and puppet realization, costumes design, Divadlo Polárka(Brno)

Krátký film
2016 「Modry」 Director Yasuhiro Tsuge × Canon, loutky


2014 「Babylon」Ceska televize
2014 「グッと!地球便」(Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation)
2016 「世界に花咲け!なでしこたち」(NHK・BS)
2017 「二度目の旅 プラハ編」(NHK・BS)


2012  「Tanecni aktuality」
2013  「Lidove noviny」
2016  「Cosmopolitan-Japan」
2016  「かぐや姫の胸の内」

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