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Exhibition in Kalokalohouse!(Japan)

ファイル 106-1.jpgI take part of exhibition in Kalokalohouse galery in Chigasaki (Kanagawa, Japan) from Friday 25th. January till Tuesday 12th February.

This traditional exhibition held every year in January for long co-worked artists. Owner of gallery, Mrs. Midori Kimura, every time set the exhibition topic. For this year is main topic „Child“. Exhibition motto: „Everybody from us was a child and we have to remember our childhood! Now we are adult with all responsibility, but still our heart muss remain a child-heart. Our future are children. Today, tomorrow and in twenty years will be children happy?“


"O Malence" had premiere!

ファイル 102-1.jpgThank you all for seeing premiere "O Malence"! For me it was big experience!
Next performance "O Malence" you can check here:

About "O Malence" in the newspaper Brněnský deník here:

"O Malence" will have premiere!

ファイル 98-1.jpgOur performance "O Malence" will have premiere at 11th January in theatre Radost in Brno!

It is a strange feeling, tomorrow will born performance, which we start to prepare with director Zoja Mikotová last April.After long time, suddenly we can see reactions of spectators and first of childern!


Performance Information - January

ファイル 96-1.jpg「Dynamo」
KD Mlejn:Kovářova 1615/4 Praha 5

On Thursday 10th. January, 7:30 pm.
On Thursday 17th. January, 7:30 pm.

ファイル 96-2.jpg「PÍSNĚ, BÁSNĚ, BALADY 」
Studio MARTA:Bayerova 575/5, Brno

On Monday 7th. January, 7:30 pm.
On Tuesday 8th. January, 7:30 pm.

ファイル 96-3.jpg「O malence」
Divadlo Radost:Bratislavská 216/32 Brno

On Friday 11th.January 2013, 5 pm., Premiere

On Thursday 17th. January, 9 am. for kindergarten
On Friday 18.th. January, 9 am. for kindergarten
On Monday 20th. January, 10 am. for publicity
On Thursday 21th. January, 9 am. for kindergarten
On Sunday 27th. January, 10 am. for publicity
On Thursday 28th. January, 9 am. for kindergarten

A Happy New Year!

ファイル 93-1.jpgThis year will start soon by chinese tradition year of serpent!

It will be one year from opening my web site to internet community. Thank you for yours suggestions and opinions! I want more communicate with you in news chapter.

I wish you all really happy new year 2013!


ファイル 90-1.jpgPuppets Set 「Memory」, which I created last year, will be shown in the store of company Furniture 501 in Fukuoka, Japan. >Infomation

Company Furniture 501 was founded by husbands Kei and Naoko Watanabe. With actress Naoko we prepared also performances „YODAKA“ a „Golden Fish“. (>web:zlatá rybka

I like to hear stories, tellings and memories of generation of my grandparents. Sometimes happens, we hear the same stories twenty times, but still I don`t want break the stream of memories and better I ask about details, which I didn`t hear never before. Then the same memory start to be more detailed and rounded! Old times never come back to us, but we can feel experience and emotions. Memory is for me like a theater performance.

Puppet Set 「Memory」 shows grandmother and her memories. Under her skirt come to live small theatre with the puppet story from her childhood. Next year I would like attend more time to this topic.

If by fortune you will come to Kyushu and Fukuoka, then please visit small exhibition in the shop of Furniture 501!

Merry christmas!

ファイル 87-1.jpgWishing you a memorable Christmas!

„About Thumbelina“

ファイル 83-1.jpgNow we are preparing a new performance "O Malence(Thubelina)"!

The premiere will be held on saturday 11th. January, 17:00 p.m. in Theatre Radost in Brno!

"Písně, básně, balady" had premiere!

ファイル 72-1.jpgThank you all for seeing premiere "Písně, básně, balady" (Songs, poems, ballads)! Nice experience!

On 23th November 2012 will be held my lecture about czech a japanese puppet theatre in Ostravské museum, Ostrava .