Premiéra Zlatovlásky

ファイル 176-1.jpgOn Saturday 21st June 2014, 6 pm please come to see Premiere of Performance „Zlatovlaska“!!

Theatre Lampion(Náměstí Starosty Pavla 4, 27201 Kladno), Kladno

From Prague to Kladno you can go by train (1 hour) from Masarykovo Station or by bus (40 minutes-1 hour) from Dejvicka Station. Search your connection here:>web


ファイル 172-1.jpgOn the website of Czech Televison – channel ČT2 you can see short documentary about my work, which we prepared in february 2014.

Spring news

ファイル 168-1.jpgSpring is beginning!! I´m looked forward to see, how nature wake up! Unfortunately, I have strong allergy from blossom... My main work is now performance Zlatovlaska (Golden haired princess). Premiere will be soon, in June! I will make puppets.

Performance Dynamo finish, last showing is at 4th April, 7:30 p.m. in KD Mlejn, Kovarova 4, Prague 5.

Polish performance Tristan a Izolde will be again to see at 6th April 2014 in Teatru v Klodzku, pl. Jagielly, Polonia.

Magda Tramer‏

ファイル 165-1.jpgIn October 2013 I got interesting experience like a "glamour girl" in polish city Klodzko. Excellent photographer and actress Magda Tramer asked me to co-work on japanese set.

ファイル 165-2.jpgI prefer to be behind curtain, but I couldn't decline her. Here are different photos made by Magda Tramer and her Photo studio Indygo: >web

ファイル 165-3.jpgThank you Magda! It was nice work with you!

Happy New Year!!

ファイル 159-1.jpgThis year will start soon by Chinese tradition as year of horse!

I celebrate New Year in Prague even seven times! Always I feel cultures difference between Japan and European countries. In Japan we celebrate mostly very quiet and in the town we can hear just only sound from temple bell without fireworks!!

I wish you all really happy new year 2014!

"Tristan, Izolda,."" will have a premiere!

ファイル 153-1.jpgOur performance "Tristan, Izolda,." will have a premiere at 29th September in Teatr w Kłodzku in Poland!
I work like a puppetmaker, prepared puppets, masks etc.

ファイル 153-2.jpgDirektor: Michał Tramer
Stage design: Nori Sawa
Realization puppets: Yumi Hayashi
Realization costumes: Małgorzata Bekalarska

ファイル 153-3.jpgActors:Aleksandra Pejcz,Joanna Półtoranos,Joanna Załucka,Łukasz Jarzyński,Kamil Katolik,Bartosz Socha

Music: Roho Konar i Agata Bilińska
choreography: Magdalena Górnicka

Summer news

ファイル 148-1.jpgNow I'm preparing puppets for performance Tristan and Iseult for polish theatre. Premiere will be at 28th. September 2013. Later I will write more information. Stage design and puppet design is made by Japanese performer Nori Sawa.
I'm producing puppets.

ファイル 148-2.jpgAnother a good news is, that performance Dynamo will take part on prague festival Letni Letna. Please come to see at 29.th August 2013! ファイル 148-3.jpg



ファイル 141-1.jpgI were been one month and 10 days in Japan. One of the important reasons was first meeting with my eight months old niece Rena.

ファイル 141-2.jpgDuring my stay in Japan I had a lecture on the Tokyo Zokei Universtity (TZO), I joint Design Festa in Tokyo and made
ファイル 141-3.jpgworkshop and lecture in Kawamoto Kihachiro Puppet Museum in Iida (prefecture Nagano). I got a lot of energy and inspiration from people, which I meet there! Thank you!

Spring news‏

ファイル 134-1.jpgNow I participated in a project Big Fish by Mr. Nori Sawa. I created the shape of upper part of a head. I enjoyed my work a lot!

ファイル 134-2.jpgOn Saturday I will go for one month to Japan. I'm back in begin of June. I will make some lecture, workshop and take a part on exhibition...

Performance Information - April

ファイル 131-1.jpg「Dynamo」
KD Mlejn:Kovářova 1615/4 Praha 5

On Sunday 21th. April, 6:00 pm.

ファイル 131-2.jpg「PÍSNĚ, BÁSNĚ, BALADY 」
Studio MARTA:Bayerova 575/5, Brno

On Thursday 25th. April, 7:30 pm.
On Friday 26th. April, 7:30 pm.

「O malence」
Divadlo Radost:Bratislavská 216/32 Brno

On Sunday 14th. April, 10 am. for publicity
On Friday 26th. April, 9 am. for kindergarten