ファイル 172-1.jpgOn the website of Czech Televison – channel ČT2 you can see short documentary about my work, which we prepared in february 2014.

Spring news

ファイル 168-1.jpgSpring is beginning!! I´m looked forward to see, how nature wake up! Unfortunately, I have strong allergy from blossom... My main work is now performance Zlatovlaska (Golden haired princess). Premiere will be soon, in June! I will make puppets.

Performance Dynamo finish, last showing is at 4th April, 7:30 p.m. in KD Mlejn, Kovarova 4, Prague 5.

Polish performance Tristan a Izolde will be again to see at 6th April 2014 in Teatru v Klodzku, pl. Jagielly, Polonia.

Magda Tramer‏

ファイル 165-1.jpgIn October 2013 I got interesting experience like a "glamour girl" in polish city Klodzko. Excellent photographer and actress Magda Tramer asked me to co-work on japanese set.

ファイル 165-2.jpgI prefer to be behind curtain, but I couldn't decline her. Here are different photos made by Magda Tramer and her Photo studio Indygo: >web

ファイル 165-3.jpgThank you Magda! It was nice work with you!

Happy New Year!!

ファイル 159-1.jpgThis year will start soon by Chinese tradition as year of horse!

I celebrate New Year in Prague even seven times! Always I feel cultures difference between Japan and European countries. In Japan we celebrate mostly very quiet and in the town we can hear just only sound from temple bell without fireworks!!

I wish you all really happy new year 2014!

"Tristan, Izolda,."" will have a premiere!

ファイル 153-1.jpgOur performance "Tristan, Izolda,." will have a premiere at 29th September in Teatr w Kłodzku in Poland!
I work like a puppetmaker, prepared puppets, masks etc.

ファイル 153-2.jpgDirektor: Michał Tramer
Stage design: Nori Sawa
Realization puppets: Yumi Hayashi
Realization costumes: Małgorzata Bekalarska

ファイル 153-3.jpgActors:Aleksandra Pejcz,Joanna Półtoranos,Joanna Załucka,Łukasz Jarzyński,Kamil Katolik,Bartosz Socha

Music: Roho Konar i Agata Bilińska
choreography: Magdalena Górnicka

Summer news

ファイル 148-1.jpgNow I'm preparing puppets for performance Tristan and Iseult for polish theatre. Premiere will be at 28th. September 2013. Later I will write more information. Stage design and puppet design is made by Japanese performer Nori Sawa.
I'm producing puppets.

ファイル 148-2.jpgAnother a good news is, that performance Dynamo will take part on prague festival Letni Letna. Please come to see at 29.th August 2013! ファイル 148-3.jpg



ファイル 141-1.jpgI were been one month and 10 days in Japan. One of the important reasons was first meeting with my eight months old niece Rena.

ファイル 141-2.jpgDuring my stay in Japan I had a lecture on the Tokyo Zokei Universtity (TZO), I joint Design Festa in Tokyo and made
ファイル 141-3.jpgworkshop and lecture in Kawamoto Kihachiro Puppet Museum in Iida (prefecture Nagano). I got a lot of energy and inspiration from people, which I meet there! Thank you!

Spring news‏

ファイル 134-1.jpgNow I participated in a project Big Fish by Mr. Nori Sawa. I created the shape of upper part of a head. I enjoyed my work a lot!

ファイル 134-2.jpgOn Saturday I will go for one month to Japan. I'm back in begin of June. I will make some lecture, workshop and take a part on exhibition...

Performance Information - April

ファイル 131-1.jpg「Dynamo」
KD Mlejn:Kovářova 1615/4 Praha 5

On Sunday 21th. April, 6:00 pm.

ファイル 131-2.jpg「PÍSNĚ, BÁSNĚ, BALADY 」
Studio MARTA:Bayerova 575/5, Brno

On Thursday 25th. April, 7:30 pm.
On Friday 26th. April, 7:30 pm.

「O malence」
Divadlo Radost:Bratislavská 216/32 Brno

On Sunday 14th. April, 10 am. for publicity
On Friday 26th. April, 9 am. for kindergarten

Happy Easter!

ファイル 126-1.jpgWarmest Easter wishes for you!