Winter news

ファイル 207-1.jpgファイル 207-2.jpgNow I’m preparing puppets for performance “The Diary of Anne Frank” and “Mysterious Lake”. Puppets are in human size with different technical details. I hope, I will be able to give off all at time!

During beginning of January we traveled with the director of performance “The Diary of Anne Frank” to Amsterdam, to visit her house “Achterhuis - Secret Annexe”, where she lived in the period 1942-44. The story I knew from books, I saw photos, but reality was stronger. The rooms were been smaller and darker! At beginning I didn’t want to touch topic of Anne Frank, but after reading of The Diary, I was happy for the opportunity to think about life with her and that I could intimately know her thoughts.

In American performance Mysterious Lake mixes present with ancient Japanese time. Here will again live Japanese monsters and mysterious animals. I like very much old Japanese stories and myths. Japanese water sprite “Kappa” or the fox “Inari” are my favorites.


ファイル 205-1.jpgHappy new year 2015! I wish you all one year of satisfaction and good healthy condition! Year 2015 is according chinese zodiac – year of the sheep. I was born in the year of the sheep and therefore this year is „my“ sheep year! I know, that I will work on a big projects and that I will for this reason a lot travel. I look forward to have a new experience, to work in new projects and to meet new interesting people. Sometimes I write here about my experience to share with you. Again, I wish you happy new year – akemashite omedetou!

" Setkání pod mostem "

ファイル 202-1.jpgファイル 202-2.jpgI´m very glad to see you on our exhibition opening "Get-together under Bridge"! Thank you! Our Exhibition is open daily from 10 am to 8 pm. The exhibition runs until 10/01/2015!


" Setkání pod mostem "

ファイル 198-1.jpgYou are cordially invited to
puppet exhibition of Japanese artists

Opening is on Wednesday, 10 / 12 / 2014 at 6pm

The exhibition runs until 10 / 1 / 2015
Open daily from 10am-8pm

Marionety Truhlář

U Lužického semináře 5/ 78, Malá Strana, Praha 1

Workshop “Do it yourself small easy puppet!”

ファイル 193-1.jpgIn Gallery Kompis from 14th to 19th October you can participate in workshop, where you learn, how to make a small easy puppet from prepared puppet kit.

You can choose a various puppet body length 12, 16, 18, 21 and 26 cm. We will provide you with colours for painting, textile materials for cloths or with materials for hair. Produced puppets are ideally for a family theatre. Workshop participant has a possibility to buy additional puppet kit for home. You can start every day from 11 am till 5 pm. For a puppet finishing is needed about 1,5 hour. Gallery Kompis is open till 7 pm!

Exhibitions in Japan!

ファイル 188-1.jpgNow I'm preparing four exhibitions in Japan! I will be glad to see you!

ファイル 188-2.jpg3.th to 14.th October 2014 - Kalokalohouse(>web), Tigasaki, Kanagawa - together with Maki Hirose(>web) and Saori Seki.

ファイル 188-3.jpg4.th to 11.th October 2014 - Puppethouse, Tokio - together with Sota Sakuma, Miroslav Trejtnar, Jan Susa (>web_puppet house

14.th to 19.th October 2014 - Kompis, Tokio - private exhibition, first presentation a new brand Petao-design(>web), puppet workshop for beginners

1.st to 2.nd November 2014 - presentation with design wood furniture producer - 501 Furniture, Fukuoka, Kyushu (>web_501 Furniture)

Japanese TV from Osaka prepared short documentary about me and my work in the Czech Republic. If you want see my family in Japan and enjoy Japanese, please see it on youtube channel. (>Video


ファイル 181-1.jpgWe found new brand «Petao Design»!
Please look at it!>web

Premiéra Zlatovlásky

ファイル 176-1.jpgOn Saturday 21st June 2014, 6 pm please come to see Premiere of Performance „Zlatovlaska“!!

Theatre Lampion(Náměstí Starosty Pavla 4, 27201 Kladno), Kladno

From Prague to Kladno you can go by train (1 hour) from Masarykovo Station or by bus (40 minutes-1 hour) from Dejvicka Station. Search your connection here:>web


ファイル 172-1.jpgOn the website of Czech Televison – channel ČT2 you can see short documentary about my work, which we prepared in february 2014.

Spring news

ファイル 168-1.jpgSpring is beginning!! I´m looked forward to see, how nature wake up! Unfortunately, I have strong allergy from blossom... My main work is now performance Zlatovlaska (Golden haired princess). Premiere will be soon, in June! I will make puppets.

Performance Dynamo finish, last showing is at 4th April, 7:30 p.m. in KD Mlejn, Kovarova 4, Prague 5.

Polish performance Tristan a Izolde will be again to see at 6th April 2014 in Teatru v Klodzku, pl. Jagielly, Polonia.