X-mas news!!!

ファイル 262-1.jpgI would like wish you all the best for the next year 2017 with the rule of COCK!

On the finish of October I prepared puppet for the shooting of short japanese movie Modrý directed and shot in November by Yasuhito Tsuge in Nagasaki area under partnership of CANON. Please watch the around 5-Minutes Story of Modrý puppet and attached short documentary about making movie. Who will like the movie, then exists also director cut version here.

Autumn news

ファイル 257-1.jpgファイル 257-2.jpgPerformance Mysterious Lake will play again! Japan Society in New York present Obake Family Day at 30th October 2016. Obake means in Japanese monster. Please see very nice Trailer with my puppets and monsters.(>web)

YODAKA is back! YODAKA will have finally Japanese premiere at 17th and 18th December during Kaikyo Festival in Kitakyushu, North Kyushu. YODAKA was born in Prague as my first collective project with actress Naoko Taniguchi and director Zoja Mikotova. We played in Prague (CZ), Liberec (CZ), Ostrava (CZ), Bratislava (SK), Žiar nad Hronom (SK) and Košice (SK).

Diary of Anny Frank you can see again in Theatre Slovácké divadlo in Uherské Hradiště.(>web) In Brno, in puppet museum of Theatre Radost will be played O Malence (28th October and 30th October).(>web) If is for you too far from Prague, then please visit Kladno and his Theatre Lampion. Fairy story Zlatovláska is not only for children, but also for adult. Please see the program on the website. (>web)

20.th anniversary of city partnership Prague - Kyoto

ファイル 252-2.jpgファイル 252-1.jpgCity partnership of Kyoto and Praha celebrate 20 year! In the space of main railway station of Kyoto will start small Czech-Japanese Festival. I´m very glad, to be invited there and contribute with a small puppet show The Little Red Riding Hood.

Our special performance you can see on the 25th September 2016, first at 1:10 p.m. and second at 3:40 p.m. You didn't see this Version of The Little red Riding Hood before! Please come and be surprised!

Main part will be played by Japanese professional Actress Naoko Taniguchi, second part by myself. I like co-work with Naoko, we spent nice time in the Czech Republic! For me it will be first time on the different side of the stage! I prefer be behind the curtain like puppet maker and stage designer, but now I try to be "in" on the the stage! I see forward to do this new experience!

In the September will be nine years living in Prague, Czech Republic. I will also celebrate my private anniversary with my favourite cities.

After Kyoto festival will held Czech Festival 2016 in Tokyo..(>web) Tokyo festival is from 28th September till 1st October 2016. On the 30th September I will present puppet workshop. If you are in Tokyo, please come to create your own puppet!

Summer News

ファイル 248-1.jpgファイル 248-2.jpgファイル 248-3.jpgファイル 248-4.jpgIn May and June I spent a few weeks in Japan preparing Czech-Japanese performance Golem with first appearance on the 5th June 2016 in the theatre KAAT (Kanagawa Art Theatre) in Yokohama. The main performance organizer is the traditional marionette puppet theatre Itsushi with almost 360 year old tradition. Main director of Golem is Amano Tengai, from the Czech side supported by director Zoja Mikotova. The Czech actors were been Konrad Popel (the art director of puppet theatre Divadlo Plyšového Medvídka, (>web)) and young actress Kristyna Huclova.

The performance Golem were been showed everyday between 5th and 12th June. In Japan is usually, that performance is on the stage only few days. The theatre groups or companies mostly don´t own the theatre space, they rent theatre only for short time. I´m very glad, that exist possibility to show adapted Golem again next year. We hope so!
I worked on the project last two years and spent many hours with organization. I designed and produced puppets and prepared part of stage. After long way with a lot of work come successful performance with almost 2000 spectators. I´m happy for it.

This news I´m writing on the platform waiting train between New York and Long Island in the USA. Together with director Izumi Ashizawa we are prepaing adapted performance Mysterious Lake. Last year were been a first appearance in the university Theatre in Stony Brook Long Island. Now we will have children's spectators. I look forward for their reactions. The quest theatre is the Long Island Children´s Museum(>web).
The first appearance will be held a next week on the 29th July 2016. I write next news, how it was.

Poster for Golem performance and Trailer Enola!

ファイル 244-1.jpgYou can see Poster for Performance Golem in Japan and nice trailer for acrobatic performance Enola of artist Eliska Brtnicka!!(>trailer)

Spring News!!

ファイル 241-1.jpgファイル 241-2.jpgファイル 241-3.jpgファイル 241-4.jpgFirst three months of year 2016 brought me a lot of news and experiences.

Between 3rd and 10th March I have together with photographer Nohagi Naka exhibition in Kanazawa. We had around 2200 visitors! Our important quests were been major of the city Kanazawa and major of Region Ishikawa. We had publicity in local TV, radio news and in local newspaper.

Before coming to Japan I had in Prague visit from NHK – national state TV sender. The NHK made a short documentary about my work and live in the Czech Republic in a TV series Sekaini Hanasake! Nadeshikotachi. Shooting continued around two weeks, we spent together great time visiting my co-worker, teacher in different places. It was for me good experience. Thank you all for it!

The director of NHK documentary, Mrs. Ayaka Nagata, ask me complicate questions, it was not easy to find the right answers. Screening of Documentary held during exhibition, on the 2nd March.

Then I designed costume for Eliska Brtnicka for her solo acrobatic performance Enola. The first appearance was been on 9th February in Theatre NOD in Prague. The Enola is a fantastic acrobatic action with Japanese spirit and I can recommend it.

At least I helped to my friend Naoko Taniguchi with her solo puppet performance for children. She chose old Czech tale >>Georges and witless old scratch<(>web)

The Premiere held on 5th march. She will play at different places in all Japan.

And now I prepare stage design and puppets for my main performance Golem.

The Premiere will be on 5th June KAAT Theatre, Kanagawa Art Theatre in Japan! The Golem is a Japanese-Czech puppetry project in collaborate on of two directors, on the Japanese site with Mr. Tengai Amano and on the Czech side with Mrs. Zoja Mikotova. Next topic in my news will be for sure again Golem...


ファイル 237-1.jpgA happy New Year 2016! I wish you all the happiness and health! 2016 is in Chinese Zodiac the Year of Monkey!

I work now on different Project for Japan. First big event is collective Exhibition together with photographer Nohagi Naka with simple Name "Nohagi Naka × Yumi Hayashi". Exhibition will held from 3rd till 14th March 2016 in Shiinoki Cultural Complex, in Kanazawa. We prepared Exhibition Presentation on www.nohayumi.com. Short promotion video made Nohagi. The main goal of Exhibition is to present people and their life in Noto Region and in the Czech Republic. We speak by Nohagi's photos and my puppets.

Other important project is Japanese-Czech performance Golem. First appearance will be at 8th June 2016 in Theatre KAAT (Kanagawa Art Theatre) in my home city Yokohama.

Autumn News!!

ファイル 232-1.jpgファイル 232-2.jpgAutumn is again here and after long time I return to write short message in my blog.

In September we were been with director Mrs. Zoja Mikotova in Japan, where we prepare a new czech-japanese performance "Golem". First appearance will be held in June 2016 at the KAAT Theatre (Kanagawa Art Theatre) in Yokohama. For Mrs. Zoja it was first visit in Japan!

Now I´m preparing exhibition together with my fellow student Nohagi Naka in Kanazawa. After two years came Nohagi to Prague and we could prepare main organization. Nohagi is a great photographer, writer and illustrator, she could during the travel take a lot photos. You can see my puppets and her photos with story at the exhibition next year in march.

Summer News!!

ファイル 228-1.jpgファイル 228-2.jpgファイル 228-3.jpgファイル 228-4.jpgファイル 228-5.jpgDuring last months I worked like a Curator of Japanese culture events. In a period of 27th May till 3rd June Tokio Puppet Theatre Edo Ito Ayatsuri (now called Itsushiza) came to play in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Group of six Japanese puppeteers presented their art in the Theatre Alfa in Pilsen, Theatre Disk in Prague and Theatre Mala Scena in Bratislava (Slovakia).

Performances in Prague and in Bratislava supported Japanese ambassador Mr. Yamakawa (Czech Republic) and Mr. Egawa (Slovakia). In the Japanese Information Centre in Prague was held Lecture about Japanese puppetry. Japanese performances have been successful!

We will continue in our cultural co-work and we prepare for the next year Japanese-Czech Project GOLEM. Itsushi-za will work close together with small Czech theatre Group. The First Appearance of Performance Golem is planned for 8th June 2016 in my home City Yokohama. We started with first steps and we look forward to our collective project.

In the second June week came to Prague Mr.Yuichi Ito, Japanese animation movie director, film maker and professor at the Tokio State Art University. Mr. Ito gained first Price for the best animation movie and the Price of audience during Zlin Children Movie Festival in 2012. Mr. Ito is searching the way to cooperate with the Czech Film makers and Artists.

From 15th till 28th June was held the world wide biggest stage design event in the World - PQ – The Prague Quadrennial 2015 of Performance Design and Space. This important Stage design Exhibition visits every four years participants from more than 70 different countries worldwide.
I worked again for a Japanese Exhibition, helped with organization or translation in Czech or English. I cannot count, how much interesting people I met, but I’m happy for this great possibility and participation on this stage design celebration!

Now I can go back to my artistic work at home. I have to prepare objects for Kanazawa Exhibition (March 2016), Project Golem and start to go definitively to driving school. Have a nice summer!

Japan - April 2015

ファイル 223-1.jpgファイル 223-2.jpgファイル 223-3.jpgファイル 223-4.jpgファイル 223-5.jpgI worked in Japan for 17 days. We prepare with my colleague Nohagi Naka big exhibition, which starts next year on March in the beautiful ancient city Kanazawa.

Nohagi is a professional photographer, illustrator and magazine journalist. The next exhibition is one of the biggest during my career, I'd show not only my puppets,
but also other my work like masks, sculptures or illustrations.

Edo Ito Ayatsuri Theatre Tour in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, May/June 2015

Except my art work, I dedicate to organization of Edo Ito Ayatsuri Theatre Tour. Edo Ito Ayatsuri is the oldest japanese marionette puppet theatre in Tokio.

I'm very glad, such old traditional puppet theatre will shows their performances for first time in Prague, Pilsen and Bratislava.

Prague performance take place in Disk Theatre on 29.th May 2015, at 7pm (Karlova 26, Praha 1). Tickets are for free, but available only at the theatre box office.

Reservations are required. In the Slovakia you can see Edo Ito Ayatsuri in Bratislava, Malá scéna STU on 31.th May 2015, at 6pm. (Dostojevského rad 7, Bratislava). ( >web)

Performance in Alfa Theatre, Pilsen is however sold out.
Japanese Culture Center in Prague presents lecture of one of the best japanese marionetter Itsushi Youki on 2.nd June 2015 at 6pm (JICC, Hellichova 1, Praha 1).
Events of Edo Ito Ayatsuri are suported by the Embassy of Japan in Prague and Bratislava.