ファイル 319-1.jpgファイル 319-2.jpgファイル 319-3.jpgI returned from Japan this weekend. The performance Zlatovlaska - Princess Goldilocks could see around 700 spectators. We played all together eight times, it was amazing experience! Princess Goldilocks performance lasts 50 minutes and isn't easy performance for solo actress. I have to admire Naoko Taniguchi for her play with so much energy. From 8th. February till 24th March. March is held exhibition "Czech-born Contemporary Puppets and Art Toys from KASUGA Akio Collection:SAKUMA Sota, HAYASHI Yumi, Miroslav Trejtnar, a Bara Hubená" in the museum Yume in Tokio.

The exhibition is placed in very beautiful space! I'm happy, that I can exhibit my puppets in such museum. In Japan the czech animation movies or children books have a higher popularity then czech puppets or puppet theater. Czech puppet needs more presentation in Japan and is needed to use every chance! From autumn I traveled a lot and now came time to start to create puppets again! I look forward to be back on my work bench.