Autumn news 2018

ファイル 310-1.jpgファイル 310-2.jpgファイル 310-3.jpgファイル 310-4.jpgファイル 310-5.jpgOne week ago I came back from Japan to Prague. This year I were been pretty often in Japan.

First, I joined and prepared the exhibition "Theater of Puppet - Petr Matásek, Sota Sakuma, Yumi Hayashi"in Kawamoto Kihachiro Puppet Museum, Iida city, Nagano prefecture. Then the same exhibition moved to Tokyo Puppet House during 21th till 27th September.

Last day of Tokyo Exhibition came very important guest from Czech Republic, Mrs. Jana Matásková, wife of Prof. Petr Matásek. Mr. Matásek visited Japan a many times, but Mrs. Matásková came to Japan for first time! After Exhibition we traveled by car from Kanazawa to Yokohama - it was very nice travel on the beginning of beautiful autumn!

Then I flew alone to Kokura city, Kyushu. From 9th till 14th October I had a private exhibition in Gallery UMIE+. All at once we prepared together with actress Naoko Taniguchi a new performance Zlatovláska (Czech tale Princess Goldilocks from Karel Jaromír Erben).

On 12.th October came to Kyushu stage of director Zoja Mikotová. And immediately second day we had premier of Zlatovláska in Gallery UMIE+!
Zlatovláska isn't easy story for performance, especially for actress Naoko, while she is playing solo! She is very talented and plays very well! Two days we played in Gallery UMIE+. It was a big surprise, we had a both days Czech guest, who they are living permanently in Japan.

On 15th October, we moved to the city Usa, Oita prefecture. Forenoon we had a workshop for children in the kindergarten, afternoon rehearsal..

In the period of 18th and 19th October we played performance YODAKA (2010) in the temple Honganzi-yotsukaichi-betsuin (Usa, Oita prefecture). The temple Honganzi-yotsukaichi-betsuin is one the biggest wooden temple in Kyushu.

The main topic of YODAKA is the life cycle, therefore I was happy to play in such historical, strong and holy site. During the performance I took care for sound and could see all the story from backside. The performance looks like holy ceremony! It was for me a strong experience.

During the day 2th till 21th October we played Zlatovláska in the all of the urban library of the city Usa. Thanks for organization to Furusato Satsuka Sakuhinten Zitsukou Iinkai.