Smmer news!!

ファイル 304-1.jpgファイル 304-2.jpgファイル 304-3.jpgAround one month ago I participated on the exhibition "Non perfektně vod matasa" in the Labyrint, a small museum attached to the Drak Theatre in Hradec Králové. More then 30 people remember to Mr. Petr Matásek.

I prepared a fabric roll for hanging, similar to the roll for calligraphy. Every Letter of my Prof in DAMU remember on small story or private memory.

At 29th July was opened Japanese exhibition "Puppets from Theater" in Kawamoto Kihachiro Puppet Museum in Iida. The Exhibition will continue here till 9th Sept. Without help of Matasek Family wasn´t possible. I´m very grateful for it! Me with Sóta Sakuma present here a small piece of our work.

The same exhibition will then move to the Tokio and will be shown during the period from 21st till 27th Sept. in the Puppet House.

Now I´m staying in Kjushu and work together with the actress Naoko Taniguchi on the performance Zlatovlaska. This performance will start then in the autumn this year.