ファイル 294-1.jpgファイル 294-2.jpgファイル 294-3.jpgWelcome in the year 2018! I wish you, enjoy this year, have a many happy moments! Very soon we will celebrate coming of Chinese New Year. The DOG will be king of year! I like dogs like a animal a lot! All my grow up time in Japan (long 17 years) I could be in friendship with KOGO - smart, funny and fearless shizu. This year is for me dedicated for him!

Last three months of 2017 I was pretty busy. I designed and made hand puppets for the Theatre 501 and Naoko Taniguchi performance. It is Ukrainian tale about animals living in the hut. To manufacture the Plush hand puppets was for me a good experience and I had a lot of fun.(>web

Then I designed and realized big painting on the wall of local library in polish Slupsk. The painting was dedicated to the great writer - Astrid Lindgren to celebrate 110 years anniversary of her born.

During November I took place in the international exhibition Art Doll Prague 2017. The world of art dolls is very close to the world of puppets, but also different. To know personally Dolls makers around the world and to see directly their work, was really amazing. I could see a lot master art dolls with all details.