News from the Summer End and Autumn Beginning

ファイル 284-1.jpgファイル 284-2.jpgファイル 284-3.jpgファイル 284-4.jpgファイル 284-5.jpgThe biggest events from this hectic time is the finish of theatre performance PIPI in polish Slupsk! The first appearance was on 16.th September in Teatr Lalki Tęcza.
It was not easy time, not only a lot of work with the stage and puppets, communications difficulties (I cannot speak polish), but also travel distance between Prague and Slupsk (700 km, two buses, one train, 14 hours of ride). We could rich our goal at time with good result! I thank very much to performance director
Jacek Popławski, organizations support of theatre director Michal Tramer, young and talented Music composer Pawel Sowa, excellent actresses and of course all my coworker in Slupsk stage design workshop. I´m satisfied with the presented performance! I´m happy, Pippi was born and started to live her own life on the stage. I think this story can touch all open people, not only children, and bring them back to the childhood, to the source of nicest memories! I wish, the performance will visit other places not only in North Poland and we can share our theatre joy and passion with many spectators. Then it makes sense!

Immediately after first appearance of Pippi I went to Japan. There I had to switch completely to a different story about Golem. I prepared also stage and puppets. The Czech-Japanese performance Golem we presented for first time last year in theatre KAAT, in Yokohama. Now we played changed version in theatre Za Kouenji in Tokio. The Czech-Japanese team worked very close, very well. It was very nice to see the actress team again together! The communication was more deeply, more friendly, what is to see to the performance quality. I hope, we could play one day in Europe, especially in the home of Golem, in Prague. One young actor started to learn Czech language and I was surprised, how good he could communicate with basics of this complicate language. I was very glad for it! We were been good team!

In between, together with photographer Nohagi Naka, we prepared small exhibition "Noha hon, Yumi hon" in Tokio. We presented our a new books. Gallery was very small and cute, but still we could see our friends and supporters! For me it was a nice experience to walk around bookstore and to see in the show window a book, which I wrote and illustrated. It is big joy for me! And of course big piece of responsibility to the readers.

Now, I´m back in Prague, and I prepare workshop "Farewell with Mr. Prof. Matasek" with my former fellow student, Antonin Silar. We planed to be only assistant of him, but the destiny changed our first proposal. We prepared all long time from 2016 and we are very sad, that Mr. Matasek on 25th July 2017 passed away.