September News!!

ファイル 280-1.jpgファイル 280-2.jpgファイル 280-3.jpgファイル 280-4.jpgSummertime will unfortunately soon finish and I have a different News.

My biggest Project now is a performance Pipi Longstocking (Pippi Pończoszanka) for Theatre: Teatr Lalki Tecza in the north polish city Slupsk(>web)At 16.th September will held first Performance. Please come to see it! This Project is complicate only for the basic Reason, that Slupsk is from Prague very far away, around 700 km! When I use buses and train, then I need around 14 or 15 hours for one way trip. The another complication is the communication wit a polish colleagues. We cannot use every time English and then we try communicate half Polish and half Czech. It´s interesting, how the both languages are at once similar and different.

Pipi - Teatr Lalki Tęcza(>web)

For the fist time I collaborate with the polish director Jacek Poplawski. He is also art director of Teatr Maska Rzeszów. I think, we did our best and our performance will be interesting and good not only for children but too for adult.

Second main information is, that for the first time in my life, I wrote and illustrated book for children with the Title: "Let´s make marionette and play". The book was published by Japanese well known Publishing House Fukuinkan Shoten. All the process from the idea till realization took three years!! I´m very glad for this important and big experience.

We prepared with my Friend and Artist Nohagi Naka collective new books Presentation with the name "Nohagi´s book, Yumi´s book", in Japanese "Noha hon, Yumi hon". It´s a coincidence, that with both have a new book just fresh published and released for the bookstores. The Books presentation or opening party will held two days from 23.rd till 24.th September in Shimokitazawa (Tokio area). I look forward to see you all!(>web)

Last News is, that we continue with a performance Golem in Japan! In the days from 28th September and 1.st October you can see a reworked premiere in the beautiful theatre Za kouenji!!!! You are welcome to join us and meet again with the magical and strong Golem!