spring news

ファイル 274-1.jpgファイル 274-2.jpgLast month I spent in Japan. The main reason for visit was my attendance on the one biggest doll exhibition in Japan. The exhibition "Doll Art Utukushima 2017" took place in the city Fukushima in the period between 15th. and 22th. April. There were been present around 100 artists and during eight days came more then 13000 visitors. For me it was completely new experience. The puppets and dolls creators stand very close together and I meet there many strong and interesting women, they are on the field of dolls making on the top.

For the exhibition I prepared thematic set of puppets "Alice in the wonderland". I´m impressed by fantasy world of Alice and I would like continue.

I were been also invited to the Musashino Art University, where I spoke with stage design students. The meeting with students is for me source of inspiration and I would like in the future work with them again.