Autumn news

ファイル 257-1.jpgファイル 257-2.jpgPerformance Mysterious Lake will play again! Japan Society in New York present Obake Family Day at 30th October 2016. Obake means in Japanese monster. Please see very nice Trailer with my puppets and monsters.(>web)

YODAKA is back! YODAKA will have finally Japanese premiere at 17th and 18th December during Kaikyo Festival in Kitakyushu, North Kyushu. YODAKA was born in Prague as my first collective project with actress Naoko Taniguchi and director Zoja Mikotova. We played in Prague (CZ), Liberec (CZ), Ostrava (CZ), Bratislava (SK), Žiar nad Hronom (SK) and Košice (SK).

Diary of Anny Frank you can see again in Theatre Slovácké divadlo in Uherské Hradiště.(>web) In Brno, in puppet museum of Theatre Radost will be played O Malence (28th October and 30th October).(>web) If is for you too far from Prague, then please visit Kladno and his Theatre Lampion. Fairy story Zlatovláska is not only for children, but also for adult. Please see the program on the website. (>web)