Summer News

ファイル 248-1.jpgファイル 248-2.jpgファイル 248-3.jpgファイル 248-4.jpgIn May and June I spent a few weeks in Japan preparing Czech-Japanese performance Golem with first appearance on the 5th June 2016 in the theatre KAAT (Kanagawa Art Theatre) in Yokohama. The main performance organizer is the traditional marionette puppet theatre Itsushi with almost 360 year old tradition. Main director of Golem is Amano Tengai, from the Czech side supported by director Zoja Mikotova. The Czech actors were been Konrad Popel (the art director of puppet theatre Divadlo Plyšového Medvídka, (>web)) and young actress Kristyna Huclova.

The performance Golem were been showed everyday between 5th and 12th June. In Japan is usually, that performance is on the stage only few days. The theatre groups or companies mostly don´t own the theatre space, they rent theatre only for short time. I´m very glad, that exist possibility to show adapted Golem again next year. We hope so!
I worked on the project last two years and spent many hours with organization. I designed and produced puppets and prepared part of stage. After long way with a lot of work come successful performance with almost 2000 spectators. I´m happy for it.

This news I´m writing on the platform waiting train between New York and Long Island in the USA. Together with director Izumi Ashizawa we are prepaing adapted performance Mysterious Lake. Last year were been a first appearance in the university Theatre in Stony Brook Long Island. Now we will have children's spectators. I look forward for their reactions. The quest theatre is the Long Island Children´s Museum(>web).
The first appearance will be held a next week on the 29th July 2016. I write next news, how it was.