Autumn news 2018

ファイル 310-1.jpgファイル 310-2.jpgファイル 310-3.jpgファイル 310-4.jpgファイル 310-5.jpgOne week ago I came back from Japan to Prague. This year I were been pretty often in Japan.

First, I joined and prepared the exhibition "Theater of Puppet - Petr Matásek, Sota Sakuma, Yumi Hayashi"in Kawamoto Kihachiro Puppet Museum, Iida city, Nagano prefecture. Then the same exhibition moved to Tokyo Puppet House during 21th till 27th September.

Last day of Tokyo Exhibition came very important guest from Czech Republic, Mrs. Jana Matásková, wife of Prof. Petr Matásek. Mr. Matásek visited Japan a many times, but Mrs. Matásková came to Japan for first time! After Exhibition we traveled by car from Kanazawa to Yokohama - it was very nice travel on the beginning of beautiful autumn!

Then I flew alone to Kokura city, Kyushu. From 9th till 14th October I had a private exhibition in Gallery UMIE+. All at once we prepared together with actress Naoko Taniguchi a new performance Zlatovláska (Czech tale Princess Goldilocks from Karel Jaromír Erben).

On 12.th October came to Kyushu stage of director Zoja Mikotová. And immediately second day we had premier of Zlatovláska in Gallery UMIE+!
Zlatovláska isn't easy story for performance, especially for actress Naoko, while she is playing solo! She is very talented and plays very well! Two days we played in Gallery UMIE+. It was a big surprise, we had a both days Czech guest, who they are living permanently in Japan.

On 15th October, we moved to the city Usa, Oita prefecture. Forenoon we had a workshop for children in the kindergarten, afternoon rehearsal..

In the period of 18th and 19th October we played performance YODAKA (2010) in the temple Honganzi-yotsukaichi-betsuin (Usa, Oita prefecture). The temple Honganzi-yotsukaichi-betsuin is one the biggest wooden temple in Kyushu.

The main topic of YODAKA is the life cycle, therefore I was happy to play in such historical, strong and holy site. During the performance I took care for sound and could see all the story from backside. The performance looks like holy ceremony! It was for me a strong experience.

During the day 2th till 21th October we played Zlatovláska in the all of the urban library of the city Usa. Thanks for organization to Furusato Satsuka Sakuhinten Zitsukou Iinkai.

Smmer news!!

ファイル 304-1.jpgファイル 304-2.jpgファイル 304-3.jpgAround one month ago I participated on the exhibition "Non perfektně vod matasa" in the Labyrint, a small museum attached to the Drak Theatre in Hradec Králové. More then 30 people remember to Mr. Petr Matásek.

I prepared a fabric roll for hanging, similar to the roll for calligraphy. Every Letter of my Prof in DAMU remember on small story or private memory.

At 29th July was opened Japanese exhibition "Puppets from Theater" in Kawamoto Kihachiro Puppet Museum in Iida. The Exhibition will continue here till 9th Sept. Without help of Matasek Family wasn´t possible. I´m very grateful for it! Me with Sóta Sakuma present here a small piece of our work.

The same exhibition will then move to the Tokio and will be shown during the period from 21st till 27th Sept. in the Puppet House.

Now I´m staying in Kjushu and work together with the actress Naoko Taniguchi on the performance Zlatovlaska. This performance will start then in the autumn this year.

Happy Easter!

ファイル 298-1.jpgWarmest Easter wishes for you!


ファイル 294-1.jpgファイル 294-2.jpgファイル 294-3.jpgWelcome in the year 2018! I wish you, enjoy this year, have a many happy moments! Very soon we will celebrate coming of Chinese New Year. The DOG will be king of year! I like dogs like a animal a lot! All my grow up time in Japan (long 17 years) I could be in friendship with KOGO - smart, funny and fearless shizu. This year is for me dedicated for him!

Last three months of 2017 I was pretty busy. I designed and made hand puppets for the Theatre 501 and Naoko Taniguchi performance. It is Ukrainian tale about animals living in the hut. To manufacture the Plush hand puppets was for me a good experience and I had a lot of fun.(>web

Then I designed and realized big painting on the wall of local library in polish Slupsk. The painting was dedicated to the great writer - Astrid Lindgren to celebrate 110 years anniversary of her born.

During November I took place in the international exhibition Art Doll Prague 2017. The world of art dolls is very close to the world of puppets, but also different. To know personally Dolls makers around the world and to see directly their work, was really amazing. I could see a lot master art dolls with all details.

Memories to Prof. Petr Matásek

ファイル 290-1.jpgThis year in Japan is dedicated to the Czech culture. Czech Center in Tokio in co-work with Theatre X organised a Workshop with lectures with the main topic: „World of Prof. Petr Matásek - Theatre, Puppet Stage Design“. I came to Japan with my DAMU classmate Mr. Antonin Šilar to join special Workshop and to have a few lectures about Petr Matasek Theatre philosophy and his way of teaching. We meet there a lot interesting and inspiratory people and could finish with experimental theatre performance. Many thanks to all!

Slupsk Library's wall with Astrid

ファイル 287-1.jpgファイル 287-2.jpgYesterday I went back from Slupsk to Prague. I spent there one week painting on the wall. This year I visited Slupsk very often. Slupsk city is celebrating 110 years anniversary of the Birth of writer Astrid Lindgren (14.th November 1907 - 28.th January 2002). Teatr Lalki Tecza opened the autumn season with the puppet show Pippi Pończoszanka.

Now I painted Astrid Lindgren with her books and her heroes on the wall of local Library. My biggest painting in my life! I´m happy for this opportunity! Thanks to my painting helper, thanks to the Slupsk city and all organization! Special thank to Michal Tramer! Cheers Astrid, your stories are beautiful!

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News from the Summer End and Autumn Beginning

ファイル 284-1.jpgファイル 284-2.jpgファイル 284-3.jpgファイル 284-4.jpgファイル 284-5.jpgThe biggest events from this hectic time is the finish of theatre performance PIPI in polish Slupsk! The first appearance was on 16.th September in Teatr Lalki Tęcza.
It was not easy time, not only a lot of work with the stage and puppets, communications difficulties (I cannot speak polish), but also travel distance between Prague and Slupsk (700 km, two buses, one train, 14 hours of ride). We could rich our goal at time with good result! I thank very much to performance director
Jacek Popławski, organizations support of theatre director Michal Tramer, young and talented Music composer Pawel Sowa, excellent actresses and of course all my coworker in Slupsk stage design workshop. I´m satisfied with the presented performance! I´m happy, Pippi was born and started to live her own life on the stage. I think this story can touch all open people, not only children, and bring them back to the childhood, to the source of nicest memories! I wish, the performance will visit other places not only in North Poland and we can share our theatre joy and passion with many spectators. Then it makes sense!

Immediately after first appearance of Pippi I went to Japan. There I had to switch completely to a different story about Golem. I prepared also stage and puppets. The Czech-Japanese performance Golem we presented for first time last year in theatre KAAT, in Yokohama. Now we played changed version in theatre Za Kouenji in Tokio. The Czech-Japanese team worked very close, very well. It was very nice to see the actress team again together! The communication was more deeply, more friendly, what is to see to the performance quality. I hope, we could play one day in Europe, especially in the home of Golem, in Prague. One young actor started to learn Czech language and I was surprised, how good he could communicate with basics of this complicate language. I was very glad for it! We were been good team!

In between, together with photographer Nohagi Naka, we prepared small exhibition "Noha hon, Yumi hon" in Tokio. We presented our a new books. Gallery was very small and cute, but still we could see our friends and supporters! For me it was a nice experience to walk around bookstore and to see in the show window a book, which I wrote and illustrated. It is big joy for me! And of course big piece of responsibility to the readers.

Now, I´m back in Prague, and I prepare workshop "Farewell with Mr. Prof. Matasek" with my former fellow student, Antonin Silar. We planed to be only assistant of him, but the destiny changed our first proposal. We prepared all long time from 2016 and we are very sad, that Mr. Matasek on 25th July 2017 passed away.

September News!!

ファイル 280-1.jpgファイル 280-2.jpgファイル 280-3.jpgファイル 280-4.jpgSummertime will unfortunately soon finish and I have a different News.

My biggest Project now is a performance Pipi Longstocking (Pippi Pończoszanka) for Theatre: Teatr Lalki Tecza in the north polish city Slupsk(>web)At 16.th September will held first Performance. Please come to see it! This Project is complicate only for the basic Reason, that Slupsk is from Prague very far away, around 700 km! When I use buses and train, then I need around 14 or 15 hours for one way trip. The another complication is the communication wit a polish colleagues. We cannot use every time English and then we try communicate half Polish and half Czech. It´s interesting, how the both languages are at once similar and different.

Pipi - Teatr Lalki Tęcza(>web)

For the fist time I collaborate with the polish director Jacek Poplawski. He is also art director of Teatr Maska Rzeszów. I think, we did our best and our performance will be interesting and good not only for children but too for adult.

Second main information is, that for the first time in my life, I wrote and illustrated book for children with the Title: "Let´s make marionette and play". The book was published by Japanese well known Publishing House Fukuinkan Shoten. All the process from the idea till realization took three years!! I´m very glad for this important and big experience.

We prepared with my Friend and Artist Nohagi Naka collective new books Presentation with the name "Nohagi´s book, Yumi´s book", in Japanese "Noha hon, Yumi hon". It´s a coincidence, that with both have a new book just fresh published and released for the bookstores. The Books presentation or opening party will held two days from 23.rd till 24.th September in Shimokitazawa (Tokio area). I look forward to see you all!(>web)

Last News is, that we continue with a performance Golem in Japan! In the days from 28th September and 1.st October you can see a reworked premiere in the beautiful theatre Za kouenji!!!! You are welcome to join us and meet again with the magical and strong Golem!

spring news

ファイル 274-1.jpgファイル 274-2.jpgLast month I spent in Japan. The main reason for visit was my attendance on the one biggest doll exhibition in Japan. The exhibition "Doll Art Utukushima 2017" took place in the city Fukushima in the period between 15th. and 22th. April. There were been present around 100 artists and during eight days came more then 13000 visitors. For me it was completely new experience. The puppets and dolls creators stand very close together and I meet there many strong and interesting women, they are on the field of dolls making on the top.

For the exhibition I prepared thematic set of puppets "Alice in the wonderland". I´m impressed by fantasy world of Alice and I would like continue.

I were been also invited to the Musashino Art University, where I spoke with stage design students. The meeting with students is for me source of inspiration and I would like in the future work with them again.

Finally spring!

ファイル 269-1.jpgファイル 269-2.jpgOn Saturday 25th February 2017 was held a first appearance of performance "Od maličkých k velikým - From the small to the big" in theatre Polarka in Brno. If you want to see this performance with your children, please visit (>web)

I´m happy, I could join this nice project for the smallest children. Nice text, nice movement improvisation, close contact with children!!! I can recommend it also for adult! Everybody can enjoy nice time in Polarka!

In the period from 15.th till 22.th april 2017 will be held in the city Fukushima, Japan the art doll exhibition Doll Art Utukushima 2017. I was invited like a "foreign" guest. The exhibition is to see every two years and is one of the biggest on this field in Japan. More about exhibition program here